Lions Clubs of Southeastern Colorado serving their communities

Lions Clubs of Southeastern Colorado serving their communities

Lions Clubs of Southeastern Colorado serving their communitiesLions Clubs of Southeastern Colorado serving their communities

From Our District Governor

Terry Milsom
District 6SE Governor

It is hard to believe, but we are once again into the Holiday Season,

... as well as coming up on the second half of the Lions year!

This time of the year can be very hard on many individuals and families for many reasons. A family may have lost a loved one, or it may have been a while and family and friends may still be having a hard time getting over the loss. Sometimes, time does not heal all wounds. An individual or family member may be struggling financially, therefore making it difficult to make the holidays special, especially for children.

This is where many Lions Clubs step up to help make the Holidays a little bit brighter for those in need.

Many Lions Clubs, through their generosity, make use of Lionism to raise funds through many activates, such as pancake breakfasts, collection of food baskets and food drives to raise the needed funding to make sure that a family in need will have a holiday dinner and a gift for the children.

Our service as Lions  to  the community of need  during this time, makes me realize the old saying that it is better to give, than to receive, is an exceptional meaning to me. 

As I have been brought up in my life, with family values and my other involvements in charitable organizations, I always have been taught that there is always going to be a less fortunate person, who, is going to need some sort of assistance from others. 

We as Lions have always and will continue to see to the value of giving to the less fortunate, which makes me a proud Lion.

As an example, the Colorado City /Rye Lions Club, over the past several years, with the assistance of a couple other charitable organizations, have made the Christmas Holidays a bit brighter for the less fortunate,  with serving more than 100 needy families with food baskets and gifts,  making sure there was a gift for the children. The gift may have been small, as well as the food assistance, but the impact of the generosity of the Lions Club was tremendous. This is just a small part of what we do as Lions.

Recently, at the first part of November, we honored those who served, have served, and most importantly gave their life to protect and honor our Great Country.  Those little words “thank you for your service” can mean a lot to those who serve in the military, no matter what branch they served or what they did in the service. Please remember to always thank those that have or are serving our country!


I would like to send out the blessings of every Lion and their family to have a Happy Thanksgiving as well as a very Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Terry Milsom 

District 6SE Governor 


About Us


Since 1917 . . .

28 community based Lions Clubs of Southeastern Colorado have served their communities, the state, and the world with projects ranging from assisting the visually impaired to working with local youth, participating in medical missions, hosting environmental services, and disaster relief. In just the last few years we have screened over 9,000 children for vision and eye health problems (with an 11.3% rate of referral for ophthalmologist follow up) while also bringing in more than a quarter million dollars for wild fire victims.  Our international foundation is top ranked by Charity Navigator.  Join a club near you or start your own to find the joy in service to others!

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District 6SE Cabinet

  • District Governor - Terry Milsom
  • 1st Vice District Governor - Betsy Denney
  • 2nd Vice District Governor - TBD
  • Immediate Past District Governor - Sharon Agun
  • Cabinet Secretary - Tomalee Young
  • Cabinet Treasurer - TBD
  • MD6 Global Leadership Team Coordinator Past District Governor Cathy Valenzuela lioncathyv@gmail.c


Lions Clubs International Foundation Campaign 100:

LCIF Empowering Service

Challenges around the world continue to expand.  The Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) must continue to expand to meet the challenges.  In order to provide greater service for today and in the future, LCIF is launching “Campaign 100: LCIF Empowering Service”. Campaign 100 is the most ambitious fundraising project in LCIF’s 50 year history.  The goal is to raise $300 million in 3 years with the Campaign ending on June 30, 2021.  If the goal is met, Lions will be able to serve over 200 million people.  The funds will be used to increase worldwide service, fight diabetes and expand current causes (disaster relief, humanitarian needs, youth programs and vision projects). Big global issues need a big global effort.  Campaign 100 provides the opportunity for individual Lions, Lions Clubs and Districts to come together to make a big global difference.  Together, our gifts and donations to LCIF can make a brighter future for millions.  

PCC Bob Selle

District 6-SE LCIF Coordinator

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